Lessons in the Dark – Appendix 1

by gannonned

Along with my own recent images, I thought it would be fun (and it was for me) to post a few of my favorite comics from my youth. I chose based on three criteria: 1) Cover – Only writers say, “Don’t Judge a Book By It’s Cover”. 2) Interior Art – All I have to say is Barry Windsor Smith, John Romita Jr. 3) Storyline – Great art without a great story is, just, well…wasted. That Nimrod story is terrific. Rogue.

I could post a host of later books by George Pratt, Dave McKean, etc. but these are from the days when I was really innocent and the comics’ stories and art made the deepest impression on my psyche. Plain and simple, they made we want to draw. (For the real reason I posted these, please see the post, Lesson in the Dark).