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Bayonne as a Universe 141-160

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Bayonne as a Universe

For about five years I took photographs from the window of my apartment on Staten Island, NY of the Bayonne Bridge in all different weather conditions. Using my Pentax 35mm camera, I reached three-hundred after two years and thought I had surely exhausted the limits of what might appear out my window. How foolish an assumption that was. I went on for the three years and was still photographing when I moved away. Bayonne is one of the most toxically industrialized regions of the United States. So the idea that I was finding this bridge to nowhere a regular source of beauty seemed to be some kind of urban grace. The crimson sunsets made me appreciate the subtle foggy days all the more. The endless variety was more spectacular than any one moment. I hope to post all five-hundred here eventually. The photographic prints, some now five years old, have scratches, dust and flecks of wear. This doesn’t bother me though. It just reminds me that it’s all dust eventually. I am beginning with twenty.