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Last of Four Issues for Cricket

Here are two of the three last illustrations I did for a four part story for Cricket Magazine called Nodi and the Romans. I enjoyed this process which went smoothly for the most part.



Continuing Project for Cricket

Sierra Club – Colorado Posters

Wolves of Douglas County helped sponsor a showing of Medicine of the Wolf by Julia Huffman in Madison last October for which I designed a few posters, one of which was used. Recently, Sierra Club, Colorado picked up the two unused designs for two different commemorative posters for screenings on two separate campuses, Breckenridge and Spring Valley. Here are the posters as they ended up out west.



Work for Dunbarton Oaks

A reconstruction of a bedecked elder as he may have appeared has preoccupied my artistic time lately, based on a site in modern day Panama at Sitio Conte. I am pleased to have collaborated with a colleague on these which were painstaking in their requirements for accuracy of detail, particularly in the ornaments, pendants, and jewelry.


Poster Designs

Here are three poster designs created to promote a screening of “Medicine of the Wolf” a documentary on wolves by Julia Huffman, which won several international film awards. The screening is in October at the Barrymore in Madison. The spare, black and white design was chosen, but I am kind of attached to all of them. Maybe I can use the others for some other purpose in the future. All designs feature my artwork. Here’s the link to the trailer for the filmĀ

Morning Star and the Giants

Really enjoyed illustrating this Native American myth from the OK Spiro tribe on the origins of their game, Chunkey. I also got to use some new brushes…

Morning Star and the Giants PTG Small Cropped for Blog

New Art for Cricket

Here’s one of four illustrations for an upcoming issue of Cricket about Inca Chasqui messengers. Thanks to my colleague, Karen O’Day, for helping me get some of the details correct.

New Illustrations

Here is the first of three illustrations just approved for Cobblestone about the first Continental Congress. This is Washington moving troops to take the high ground after the Battle of Bunker hill. Copyright 2014, Cobblestone magazine. As with most of my illustrations now, this is digitally rendered. I tried to allude to the impending revolution with the storm. As well, I was looking for a unique sky color with some gray to tie into the other images.

Congress 003 PTG Washington

New Art for Cobblestone

Here’s a preview of one of three illustrations I did for the January issue of Cobblestone magazine which discusses the role of the cavalry in the Civil War. This particular one depicts Jeb Stuart at the moment he is shot. It was my first digitally rendered professional job.

One image featured Nathan Bedford Forrest. I had mixed feelings depicting the first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan without a mention of his infamous reconstruction era activities in the article. I did attempt to depict him as crazed as was acceptable to the editor and art director (he is not featured here). Controversy still revolves around his persona with a petition currently underway to change the name of a Florida school named after him. There are also several statues in his honor including one in Mississippi and one in Alabama. Maybe we’re still “reconstructing”.