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Sierra Club – Colorado Posters

Wolves of Douglas County helped sponsor a showing of Medicine of the Wolf by Julia Huffman in Madison last October for which I designed a few posters, one of which was used. Recently, Sierra Club, Colorado picked up the two unused designs for two different commemorative posters for screenings on two separate campuses, Breckenridge and Spring Valley. Here are the posters as they ended up out west.




Poster Designs

Here are three poster designs created to promote a screening of “Medicine of the Wolf” a documentary on wolves by Julia Huffman, which won several international film awards. The screening is in October at the Barrymore in Madison. The spare, black and white design was chosen, but I am kind of attached to all of them. Maybe I can use the others for some other purpose in the future. All designs feature my artwork. Here’s the link to the trailer for the filmĀ

Recent Commission

LMB Demo 027

Sketchbook Material

A portrait of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin from my sketchbook. Colored pencil, watercolor and acrylic.

Wolf Patrol – Benefit Auction

Borders, an India ink drawing (11×15), is part of an art auction to benefit the non-profit group Wolf Patrol.

TINAW Borders Small

Musky – Recent Commission

Here is the sketch and finished art for a recent commission to advertise the 2015 Fishing Opener in Wisconsin.





New Commissioned Work

Below is a sequence of the creation of a cover painting for a middle reader book about a boy, his friend and a dog named Willie. Coming out soon!

Recent Commission

Below is the sketch and the final art of a Walleye for a recent commission for a local business to promote the fishing opener of 2014. All rights Reserved, copyright 2014. Enjoy.

The Death of the Big-Footed Mouse Camel, Last of the Noumenons

My daughter and I collaborated on this painting for an upcoming exhibition at the Regional Arts Center that explores the theme of Monsters. I will have two works in the show. My daughter invented the animal (A Big-Footed Mouse Camel) on my request and produced a rough sketch. I filled in the rest. The video was more work that it is worth, but nevertheless kind of fun. The music is Sigur Ros from their ( ) album.

Vision from All Hallow’s Eve

After the kids were in bed and my spouse was tucked in with a book, I quietly left the house to capture these images on All Hallows’ Eve.

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