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New Work

Here is one of the illustrations from a 4 part series for Cricket (copyright). Part two is in the March issue. I had a lot of fun with this one…

Nodi ART Merge 004 Small


Continued Work in Progress

Sierra Club – Colorado Posters

Wolves of Douglas County helped sponsor a showing of Medicine of the Wolf by Julia Huffman in Madison last October for which I designed a few posters, one of which was used. Recently, Sierra Club, Colorado picked up the two unused designs for two different commemorative posters for screenings on two separate campuses, Breckenridge and Spring Valley. Here are the posters as they ended up out west.



Portrait of Cormac McCarthy from over a Decade Ago.


New Work

Here is a recently completed book cover commission for a young adult series with a western theme.

Portrait of Author – Shusaku Endo

Sketch Experiments

Playing with ink and matte medium.

Sketchbook Material

A portrait of the Australian children’s book author/illustrator, Shaun Tan.

Sketchbook Material

A portrait of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin from my sketchbook. Colored pencil, watercolor and acrylic.

New Work for Cricket

Here is one of three illustrations I did for an upcoming issue of Cricket magazine about a Syrian refugee who feels ostracized at school as he fasts through Ramadan. As you may or may not note, I was corrected about his hair being curly in the story by the good and attention-oriented Art Director there. Also, it was requested that I alter the original sketch and make the kids more social. Approved sketch is first, then original sketch and then finished digital painting. Incidentally, the boy is described as drawing his way through recess…

Ramadan Redo002

Ramadan 002 Sk

Ramadan Art 002 FINAL FLAT SMALL